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Electric motors are crucial component in virtually every industrial automation application or environment. Therefore optimizing their performance and reliability can play a major role in reducing costs and improving overall plant efficiency. Electric motors fail and about half of them fail because of overheating through overload, phase failure or insulation breakdown. There are wide ranges of motors and motor characteristics in existence, because of numerous duties for which they are used and all of them need protection. Fortunately, the more fundamental problems affecting the choice of protection are independent on the type of motor and the type of load to which it is connected. Motor characteristics must be carefully considered when applying protection. It is emphasized because it applies more to motor than other items of power system plant. Protection of motor exists in any form, a variety of designs & either packaged individually or in different combinations. The fundamental and basic aim should be permit the motor to operate up to, but not to exceed its thermal and mechanical limits for overloads and abnormal operation conditions and to provide maximum sensitivity to faults.
  General Features  
As special feature the relay can be used to motor having forward & reveres operations
giving the protections except incorrect phase sequences.
Advance microcontroller technology.
Overload protection with inverse time characteristics.
Protection Against.
  • Unbalance protection.
  • Phase unbalance.
  • Incorrect phase sequence.
  • Ultra compact size.
  Display Features  
Visual indication of S.P.P. & over load.
Control Features
Settable overload current & time.
Technical Specifications
Over current Setting : 2A to 5A continuously adjustable
Inverse time characteristics : Selectable thermal characteristic curve. 2 to 10 sec continuously   adjustable
Unbalance Current : 50% Unbalance, Tripping time: 3 Sec., Inverse characteristics   unbalance
Single phase(phase failure) : Tripping time: 3 Sec
Reverse phase: Tripping time : 3 Sec
  Electrical Specifications  
CT Input : /5, 15VA
Auxiliary supply : 440V Ac
AC burden : 10 VA at rated current
Relay output :10amp at 250V
  Mechanical Specifications  
Mounting : Wall mounting/35mm Din-rail/Panel
Size : 55 X 75 X 109.5 (W X H X D)
Weight : 450gm
   Wiring Diagram  
Being a quality conscious company, we place quality as the nucleus of all our endeavors. Our quality inspectors carefully monitor the entire production process at every level of operation to check that our products conform to relevant quality.
Special attention is given on the procurement of the raw material. We conduct periodic inspections and conduct various tests to make our products flawless. Each and every piece is tested to ensure that it performs efficiently after the consignmen
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