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Thermowells are recommended to protect both the operator and the temperature sensor. The proper thermowell will reduce the possibility of damage to the temperature sensor due to corrosion, pressure or the flow of abrasive or viscous media. In addition a defective instrument may be removed without shutting down or draining the process.

Available in various sizes .010 to .500 in all types of materials such as 304, 316, 310, 446, Inconel 600, copper and Brass. Optional  protective coatings and sprays also available. Thermo offers single, dual, triplex and multipoint designs with a wide variety of sheath terminations such as, aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel or explosion proof heads. Standard  and miniature plugs and jacks, extension leadwire with a variety of insulations as well as all types of connection fittings.
  Compact  Thermowells for 1/4" DiameterElements  

These thermowells are used where short insertion lengths are required, as in short legs of tee, etc. Available in stainless steel SS 304, SS 316, brass ASTM-B16, carbon steel C-1020, and monel. Choice of 1/2 inch NPT, 3/4 inch NPT, or one inch NPT external threads.

Thermowells with Lagging Extension for 1/4" Diameter Elements

Most thermowell assemblies use female NPT threads and accept male NPT pipefittings. Due to normal tolerance and torque variations during assembly variations as much as 5/8" in element lengths can be encountered. When ordering replacement parts care should be take to allow for normal variations in length. When ordering complete assemblies, Thermo System will make the necessary adjustments to compensate for these variations in lengths.
If all other variables are held constant, accuracy depends upon the insertion length "U" the distance between the tip of the wall and the underside of the threads, or attachment means. When space and pressure-temperature ratings permit, accuracy can be improved by increasing the insertion length. The error in temperature measurement of short insertion length thermowells is created by the thermal conduction from the tip of the wall and thence to the outside atmosphere.
In addition to conventional thermocouple sensors installed in the metal thermowell, spring-loaded thermocouples can also be installed in the metal thermowell. These units keep the thermal junction in good thermal contact with the thermowell at all times; thus, improving the response times of the complete assembly.

  Flanges for Thermowells  

Flanges are available in stainless steel 304, 316, and carbon steel C-1018. Monel and other materials are available upon request. Primary weld is "J" groove type; secondary weld is a 45 degree bevel grove. All welding is performed by Navy certified welders using an inert gas shielded arc. NPSM internal pipe thread will accept NPT and NFS male threads. Please note, the thermowells for use with these flanges must be specified separately.

Being a quality conscious company, we place quality as the nucleus of all our endeavors. Our quality inspectors carefully monitor the entire production process at every level of operation to check that our products conform to relevant quality.
Special attention is given on the procurement of the raw material. We conduct periodic inspections and conduct various tests to make our products flawless. Each and every piece is tested to ensure that it performs efficiently after the consignmen
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