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  Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD)
  RTD Introduction  
Thermo’s platinum resistance elements are specially designed to ensure precise and repeatable temperature versus resistance characteristics. The sensors are made with controlled purity platinum, have high purity ceramic components and constructed in a unique strain-free manner.
RTDs are best for most industrial measurements over a wide temperature range, especially when sensor stability is essential for proper control. Generally speaking, if accuracy is your most important concern and the application temperature is between 140°C and 650°C RTDs are probably the best choice. Three-wire is the most common but four-wire provides higher system accuracy.
Being a quality conscious company, we place quality as the nucleus of all our endeavors. Our quality inspectors carefully monitor the entire production process at every level of operation to check that our products conform to relevant quality.
Special attention is given on the procurement of the raw material. We conduct periodic inspections and conduct various tests to make our products flawless. Each and every piece is tested to ensure that it performs efficiently after the consignmen
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