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  NTC Thermistor
What is NTC Thermistor?

NTC : Negative Temperature Coefficient
Thermistor : Thermaly Sensitive Resistor

Thermistor is a semiconducting ceramic resistor produced by sintering the materials at high temperature and made mainly from transition metal oxide. NTC tehrmistors are resistors with large negative temperature coefficient. Change in resistance of the NTC thermistors can be brought about either externally by a change in ambient temperature or internally by self-heating resulting from a current flowing through the device. At certain measured power, its resistance reduce rapidly while the temperature getting increased. Taking advantage of this characteristic, it can achieve the detecting and controlling temperature purpose.
 STTS Series - Temperature Sensor Type NTC Tehrmistor

Fast response, High sensitivity
Good coherence and interchange capability meets or the high precision in resistance and H value
Double packaging technics, good quality
  of insulation while hold
High capability of colliding and bending
Operating range starts from - 40 C to 130 C
   STFT Series - Film Type NTC Thermistor  

Suitable for narrow space
Rapid response time
Elastic and solder easily
Operating temperature: -50 C - 90 C
   STTP Series - Transformer Protection Type NTC Thermistor  

Operating ranges from -30 C - 160 C
High accuracy tolerance to +/- 0.10 C
Excellent thermal cycle endurance
High stability
Pb free
    STAT Series - Bead Type NTC Thermistor  

High accuracy tolerance to + 0. 1 C
Excellent thermal cycle endurance
High stability
Operating ranges from - 50 C to +125 C
    STPT Series - Power Type NTC Thermistor  

Strong power and strong capability of
  surge current protection
Characteristics: Fast response to the rapid
Due to high B value, the resistance remains
High reliability
Integral series, Extensive operating range
Being a quality conscious company, we place quality as the nucleus of all our endeavors. Our quality inspectors carefully monitor the entire production process at every level of operation to check that our products conform to relevant quality.
Special attention is given on the procurement of the raw material. We conduct periodic inspections and conduct various tests to make our products flawless. Each and every piece is tested to ensure that it performs efficiently after the consignmen
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